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1 in 4 elderly people who suffer a hip fracture pass away within 1 year.

A hip fracture can have big consequences
  • 1 in 4 elderly people pass away within 1 year
  • 50% of people become less mobile
  • Significant mental impact on victim and loved ones
Fear of falling reduces the quality of life
  • Chance of falling increases due to fear of falling
  • 54% of elderly people who live independently are afraid of falling
  • 38% of elderly people who live independently avoid many daily activities due to fear of falling




No immediate, effective measures for hip protection
  • Existing hip protectors are not effective
  • Fixation to bed or chair is not common practice (anymore)
  • Thai-chi and fall training are effective after repeat falls, but do not reduce the actual risk
16,000 hip fractures every year in the Netherlands
  • More than 1 million fall incidents involving the elderly (65+) every year
  • Trend: This number will increase due to an ageing population.
  • Approx. 16,000 elderly people in the Netherlands (65+) fracture a hip every year (1.5M worldwide)
  • 200,000 elderly people in the Netherlands are at high risk (more than 4% chance) of sustaining a hip fracture this year
Total costs related to hip fractures in the Netherlands are more than €650M
  • €16,000 in direct care costs and €25,000 in rehabilitation costs per fractured hip per patient -> €41,000 in total
  • Total annual care costs €656M (excl. costs for increased care need in the nursing, care and home help sector)

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Risk of fracture and fall risk are important factors

Fall-related risk factors


  • Previous falls
  • Mobility disorders and balance issues
  • Not independent in ADL activities
  • Age
  • Independently mobile

Source: see page 75 in the

Guideline on Prevention of Fall Incidents in the Elderly


Bone-related risk factors


  • Low weight
  • Age
  • Previous fracture after 50 years of age
  • Hip fracture in a parent
  • Reduced mobility

Source: see page 47 in the

Guideline on Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention

Wolk Advisory Committee

Prof.dr. Gerard Jan Blauw

Prof. Internal Medicine /

Geriatric Medicine LUMC

Dr.ir. Johan Molenbroek

Assoc. Prof. Ergonomics (ret.)

TU Delft

Prof.dr. Rob Nelissen

Prof. Orthopaedics


Marco Wisse

GRZ Director

Vivium Zorggroep

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